Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited recognises that balancing non-financial factors such as environmental and social issues with financial priorities is an essential part of good company practice.

We have a direct impact on the environment through our daily consumption of energy, water and paper resources and through our use of cleaning products.

We recognise too that the policies and practices we adopt today will shape not only our lives but also those of future generations. We therefore have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to environmental and social concerns by enacting policies designed so that our business operations do not degrade the environment or cause social harm.

Energy Usage

  • All appliances are to be turned off completely when not in use and not left on standby.
  • All lights are switched off when not in use.
  • In order to help conserve energy we discuss the policy of switching off lights not in use with client companies and incorporate this as part of our cleaning round.

Water Consumption

  • In order to reduce water wastage, taps are not left running whilst cleaning.
  • By using a pure water cleaning system, windows stay cleaner for longer, reducing the frequency of cleaning required.
  • By using high tech, up-to-date cleaning equipment, and by keeping equipment properly maintained, water wastage is kept to a minimum.

Water Purity

By using the Reach & Wash system for window cleaning, we avoid using detergents or chemicals and use only purified water, thereby avoiding environmental damage caused by polluted water.


We work with client companies to help provide a recycling service to their offices by encouraging them to install recycling bins. Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited employees then collect paper/card for recycling as part of our cleaning round.

Cleaning Products

When providing quotes for client companies on cleaning consumables, we provide costings for environmentally friendly products where possible.

We will train all employees to take responsibility for and implement these policies