Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Jet Washes

Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited provides a friendly, prompt and reliable jet washing service to rid your property of those stubborn stains, graffiti and spills. We provide a fast and effective cleaning and dirt removal system. As well as graffiti removal we are also able to deal with paint spillages from a variety of surfaces.

We'll tackle any job to rid your property of dirt, weeds, grime or bird droppings. So, when your driveway, patio or forecourt needs a spring clean - come to Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited.

Ionic Systems

Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited operate with the Reach and Wash Thermo Pure Telescopic Pole System - the 100% safe window cleaning sytem that cleans up to a height of 95 feet.

The sytem cleans all kind of surfaces, including windows, upvc panelling and cladding and glass roofs.

Our experienced and fully trained staff work safely from ground level without ladders or cradles to reach those hard to reach windows.

The Reach and Wash Thermo Pure Telescopic Pole System is 100% environmentally friendly because it uses no chemicals.

Steam Cleaners
Your carpet is a major purchase for your home and to preserve your investment you should clean and maintain it on a regular basis. In fact, if you clean your carpet on a regular basis, not only will you ensure a more healthy living environment but you'll also extend the life of your carpet.

Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited's professional carpet cleaners use steam cleaners to leave your carpet looking brand new. Steam cleaning uses hot water to break down the oils and soils faster and more effectively and is the preferred and recommended method of cleaning carpet for almost all carpet manufactures.

We recommend that carpets are cleaned regularly - we advise every 12 to 18 months - to extend their life and provide your home with a healthy floor covering.


For a no-obligation discussion about our steam cleaning service, contact Grime 2 Shine (South East) Limited today.